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I am a newly transformed vegan, active actress, newly introduced blogger, food enthusiast, and a desired wanderlust traveler. Please enjoy my blog as I write about life, advice, struggles, veganism, and myself! I would love to go on this journey with as many of you by my side. Remember to love yourself and those around you....see you soon on my newest post!

Charming Others

Having good people skills is more than just being a good listener. It’s more than just making eye contact with another human being. Good people skills are an asset that one must have in order to become a well-rounded person and push them to a more successful path in life.People skills can also be referenced as social skills and broken down into verbal and nonverbal ways to communicate. If you have good social skills, it showcases you as a respectful and compatible person. In most basic terms, good people skills are yes, being a good listener but it also includes being able to communicate with others, having patience, showing empathy and being able to solve conflicts.



When I was eight years old, I started acting in film and commercials. Overtime, my passion for the art increased and now I am seventeen and have been in multiple feature films and commercials. I am now a senior in high school and I attend Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Performing Arts where I major in theatre. This is not only my passion or my hobby but it is my long term career choice that I made when I was eight years old. Since I do plan to continue studying the performing arts after high school, good social skills are very important for me to have. It defines my values as a person and ultimately the way I respect another human being. Throughout my life and especially these four years of high school, I have developed a sense of leadership. Being able to star in plays, getting good grades, making high honor roll and participating in school clubs has all led up to that. Leadership is an important quality to have because when you have a vision or a goal you can show others how you will reach that or show that. Other skills such as being insightful and staying open minded has been a quality that I have possessed over time. Due to this art form, I do have to be more open minded about the world and the people in it and recognize my surroundings more often. I also have to stay insightful because if I didn’t I would never be able to grasp on a clear understanding of my passion. I have to show respect and actively listen to others because it shows that I am a considerate and genuine person. If I wasn’t respectful or if I didn’t listen to other people, they wouldn’t want to work with me! That plays right into communication and being able to converse with other people. If I couldn’t openly talk with other people, how could they do the same? So yes, social skills are important to me because they carry out my personality for ultimately, my passion in life! To me, social skills aren’t the way I communicate like it’s defined in the books, it’s who I am as a person and who I am as a person is really important to me before anyone else.

Although I find that having good people skills are very important, this question was brought to importance from Activia Training, a US Scholarships helping out many potential college students prepare for the future. Being rewarded with this $1,500 scholarship would mean a lot to me because living with just my mother who is disabled, money can get pretty tight. We both want whats best for me and my future and I never wanted money to be an obstacle that stands in the way for me to continue my learning and pursuing my career choice of the performing arts. I am so grateful to have this opportunity to apply for this scholarship and I would be even more grateful if I was granted as the winner of it.

If you are interested in this scholarship and what it does, please check out the link below!



All about the 7 Chakras



plural noun: chakras
  1. 1. (in Indian thought) each of the centers of spiritual power in the human body, usually considered to be seven in number.
    Chakras are another way of looking at mental healing. It is all about mind and body and there are seven different chakras that you must keep “balanced” in order to maintain a balanced energy throughout your body. Chakras help keep every part of our body open and aligned. If you don’t keep these balanced, things will start to fall out of place. Mind, body, soul, and spirit are all connected when you keep your chakras aligned, and balanced.

Root Chakra : Muladhara Chakra 


Color: Red
The Muladhara (Root) chakra is the stability of everything of matter. It sits at the lowest part of your body, in your tailbone area. It represents foundation and the sense of feeling grounded, this includes your basic needs for food, money, and shelter. If your chakra isn’t balanced you can experience anxiety disorders, and fears.
Healing: Stomping your bare feet on the ground (feeling grounded) or practicing Kundalini Yoga– or try the Bridge Pose

Sacral Chakra: Svadhisthana Chakra



Color: Orange

The sacral chakra is located right below your belly button in your lower abdomen. It is known as the creative and sexual chakra. The element that corresponds with this chakra is water which means cohesiveness. A balanced sacral chakra is a sense of wellness, pleasure, and joy. If this chakra is unbalanced you may experience emotional issues, sexual dysfunction, and depression.

Healing: Cobra Yoga Pose

Solar Plexus Chakra: Manipura Chakra



Color: Yellow

The location of the solar plexus chakra is in the upper abdomen area. The element affiliated with this chakra is the sun, to go with its color! It is a source of personal power, transformation and self worth. It can control metabolism and digestion. If this chakra isn’t balanced you can suffer from low self esteem and control issues.

Healing: Dancing

Heart Chakra: Anahata Chakra


Color: Green

This chakra is located just above the heart. When this chakra is balanced you are open and flowing with love and easy to forgive others. When this chakra is unbalanced it can lead to anger and hatred toward yourself and others.

Healing: Bikram Yoga and LOVE.

Throat Chakra: Vishuddha Chakra


Color: Blue

This chakra is located directly in the throat. When it is balanced you are to speak, listen, and express yourself from a higher form of communication. It is truly another way of saying speak your inner truth!

Healing: Shoulder stand, singing, or chanting.

Third Eye Chakra: Ajna Chakra



Color: Indigo

This chakra is located right between your eyes, acting as a “third eye”. It can enable telepathy, lucid dreaming, and expanded imagination. You have five senses, the third eye is like your sixth sense.

Healing: Child’s pose or eye exercises

Crown Chakra: Sahaswara Chakra



Color: Violet

This chakra is located at the very top of our head. It is known as the thousand petal lotus chakra. It is a way to connect to the highest point of ourself and everyone around us. When it is aligned, you are pure consciousness.

Healing: Cardio or Meditation


Hope this helped,



Veganism for Beginners: Weight Loss?

When I hear people want to go vegan…there are multiple reasons they might want to do so. Reasons such as wanting to lose weight, wanting to help the earth or wanting to save the animals.

When I decided to go vegan I decided to switch for all of those reasons. I should start off by saying if you’re looking to lose weight veganism is not going to guarantee that. It’ll make you healthier for sure, but it all depends on what you put into your body still. It’ll definitely make you less prone to certain diseases, cancers, etc out there. But it’s a lifestyle rather than a diet. They say you can eat unlimited and not have to worry about calories. In no way am I a nutritionist or a doctor but I believe that that is only according to the amount of fruits and veggies you eat–which basically is unlimited. If you are looking to lose weight, avoid white carbs– pasta, chips, potatoes, etc. limit to maybe once a day. Fill your plate up with more greens, veggies and fruits. The more whole foods the better. So right now I have a plant based protein shake which contains:

Orgain chocolate protein powder

A whole banana


Chia seeds


PB2 powder

(Which I have for breakfast and dinner) — sometimes I will have a bowl of roasted veggies for dinner instead.

For lunch, I will either have a big salad or a big bowl of fruit depending on what I am craving (Tip: fruit fills all of your sweet cravings!!)

If I get hungry throughout the day– for a snack I’ll snack on fruit! But I don’t really get hungry on this diet due to the protein shakes and amount of fiber I have. I’ve been doing this for two weeks with no exercise except walking and I’ve lost 12 pounds 🙂

If you ARENT looking to lose weight, I used to have a protein shake for breakfast ( it is SO important to get 46g-50g of protein a day) and make sure to take supplements ( B-12, iron, vitamin d, zinc, biotin—make sure it contains no gelatin) or sometimes I would have natures organic flax seed cereal which you can find in health food section at Wegmans with sweetened almond milk which is so yummy or seeded bread with jelly and banana slices and granola on top or a fruit bowl! Lunch would be a veggie wrap or hummus and chips with fruit and dinner would be a vegan recipe (Pinterest is super helpful) I found on Pinterest or a frozen dinner from Wegmans or trader joes from their health food/vegan isle.

Keeping you posted!

Zoe ❤ xx

To all of my Actors out there…


I have been a working actress (film/tv, commercial) and model since I was eight years old (I am now seventeen!).

When I was young, I wouldn’t tell anybody about me being an actress. I was worried they would befriend me only for that reason, and who wants fake friends?? And if they found out, they would ask a bazillion questions and then it became redundant. I wouldn’t mind talking about it if people asked, but I wouldn’t come straight out saying “HEY I ACT AND I’VE BEEN IN MOVIES”. No. Never. For multiple reasons. Then when I entered high school, which I go to a performing arts high school. I only knew one person coming into it, who I’ve known since I was in first grade. Of course she knew about what I’d been in, and of course she had told people she was friends with when I got accepted into the school. A few weeks into my freshman year, word got around and spread like a wildfire. She would tell one person, that person would tell another person, and so on. When it got to that third person, they automatically assumed that I had been telling everyone. So as it spread around, they all thought I was “snobby, selfish, self-centered, and conceited” which sorta sucked because I didn’t tell anyone… I let it die down, and as I got to know more people in school, the first thing they would say to me was “Wow, you’re actually like down to earth, you’re not snobby at all.” hmm…..

Starting off so young (sometimes I wish I started even younger) has made all the difference. I was introduced to the business at such a young age that I learned to accept rejection, and that theres always another chance. I have also encountered many competitive girls and projects where it has literally been down to me and another girl. Anyways, I have learned so much about the business as I grew older. I have learned how to spot stage moms, which I take pride in ;). I have also learned how to quickly study lines and have them fully prepared and off book even if they didn’t ask me to. I have also learned how to quickly adapt to sudden changes…When I was 9, I auditioned for Eloise in Paris (which was never filmed). They had me prepared SIXTEEN scenes!!! Usually you’re given around 1-4 scenes to prepare for an audition. I only had about a week to memorize…once I got to the audition they only had me do one scene, feel my pain? There have also been many times where I have auditioned for projects and then they change their mind on the age, race, or gender they want. It is truly a aggravating and tough business.

I have been featured in multiple films…


My biggest break so far is Bride Wars which was directed by Gary Winick. By far, this is the most amazing thing I have ever experienced. When I auditioned for the role of Young Liv (Young Kate Hudson) it was a quick audition that I got called about the day before. It was quick, and I didn’t think anything of it…I actually had forgot that I auditioned for it! By the way, that happens a lot when you are constantly auditioning. Around the ages of 8-12 I was going up to the city around five times a week for auditions. When I got to age 13, it started slowing down because they would have eighteen year olds play younger due to Child Labour Laws (I’ll get into that too). Anyways, three weeks after I auditioned for this part, my mom gets a blocked call. She answers and they ask her if they could cut me bangs and put me in a fat suit for the role of Young Liv. I was in school at the time but my mom told me that she was in pure shock and almost speechless because I hadn’t been in the business for a year yet and I was already being asked for a role in a feature film. She said yes, and they said they would call her back. A few minutes later, she receives another phone call from the same number saying that I got the part. As soon as I got home from school, my mom had picked me up which was unusual. I got in the car and she started calling me by my characters name, Liv. I was ecstatic and so excited to start filming.

78bbfd2fd0b0454287cda9ade0143ce2.jpgWe filmed the three scenes I was in over a course of fourteen days, that went by way too quick. We were given first class transportation by train to Boston, Massachusetts. The film took place in both New York City and Boston. I worked with another girl who was just a year older than me named Shannon Ferber, who played the young version of Anne Hathaway. Unfortunately, I don’t have contact with her anymore, and I am not sure how to due to the fact she is nowhere on social media :(. I worked with one of the most wonderful people while filming. Those crew members would literally drop anything just to make sure that we were comfortable. When we arrived in Boston for the first day of filming, we stayed at the Double Tree Hotel, where they give you freshly baked large chocolate chip cookies every morning. While we were checking in, I see Steve Howey (who plays Kate Hudson’s fiancee in the movie) standing in front of me. Let me remind you that this man has been in Reba, Shameless, Something Borrowed, and many other films. When I saw him, my jaw literally dropped. I was in total shock and I wanted to say hi so bad! I finally went up to him . Me, standing four feet eleven inches tall in a small voice saying, ” hi you’re Steve Howey, right?” He is standing six foot four inches tall looking down on me saying in a bright cheery voice saying “Yes I am!” He was so glad to know that I was in the movie too and he was such an awesome person and made me feel the same age that he was. I also got to meet other actors such as Chris Pratt, and Bryan Greenberg.


I had awesome experiences with both of them as well. I didn’t get to meet Kate or Anne till the second to the last day of filming. It was four o’ clock in the morning, I was super tired and everything was a haze. We were just walking out of the Plaza Hotel as I was upset because I hadn’t met Katie yet…As I was walking out the door I hear a voice saying “You didn’t think you’d get to leave without me meeting you yet, did you?” I turn around and it was Kate! I literally ran and gave her a hug. Anne was right behind her! We then went back into the ballroom and talked for a good half hour- hour. Kate was the sweetest, most down to earth person I had ever met. Anne was just as sweet too. They were both in their wedding dresses from the movie. Kate was wearing her huge Vera Wang dress, as I was sitting on top of her. She asked me all sorts of questions about myself. Turns out, we both have a brother named Wyatt, too funny. I made sure that the both of them signed my autograph book (which I still have and am eternally grateful for). We got back to the hotel around 5:30-6:00. I was so tired that I felt the last hour was a dream. To this day, I still think of it as a dream. The next day was the last day of filming. I turned nine on set :’). Right as we finished up filming that scene, Kate walked in. I still remember that she was wearing blue jeans and a striped sweater. She wanted to come say a last goodbye to me.


The next time I saw her was at the premiere of Bride Wars, a year later. Shannon and I had just walked on the carpet and out of NOWHERE, Kate jumps on and gives me a huge hug. I wish the photographers would’ve captured that moment but they were all in such shock that they stopped taking photos for a second! We then were watching the movie and we realized that Toby Maguire (Spiderman) was sitting directly behind us. After the movie, I went up to him and he told me how I did a great job and we talked for a few minutes. Overall, Bride Wars was such a rewarding experience and I still reminisce about it to this day.


R.I.P. to Gary Winick, the director who died in 2011 due to brain cancer. He directed many known movies such as, Bride Wars, Letters to Juliet, 13 Going on 30, and Tadpole. He was a wonderful human being to work with and did anything to make his cast feel as comfortable as they could be. I wish he was still with us today so I could give him a big hug and a thank you…this ones for you, Gary! Miss and love you…





I have also been in The Rebound directed by Bart Freundlich. The scene that I was in was filmed in the Museum of Natural History. I got to meet a friend of mine today, Fatima Ptacek, who is now the voice of Dora! I also got to meet Skai Jackson, who is now on Disney’s,  Jessie. Bart is the wife to Julianne Moore. Julianne Moore starred in many movies such as, Nine Months, Still Alice, Boogie Nights, and so much more. I befriended her daughter, Liv Freundlich. She made the filming so much fun. On set, I got to meet Justin Bartha, who was an absolute RIOT. You might know him as Doug from The Hangover. 


I have been in two short films…

I have been in a film titled, I Watched Her Fall (2011) directed by Del Lukens  whom I played the daughter, Mary-beth, of a delusional mother.

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 2.49.36 AM.png

I have also starred in a short film titled, Caught in the Middle (2013) directed by Talina Adamo. It is about bullying and how being a kid can be rough. I played Brittany, a mean girl, who does most of the bullying. The script was written by two thirteen year olds at the time, Jordan Alfonzo and Shane Meredith.


About a year ago, I completed three episodes of a web series going by the name of Airy Jeanine, where I play the friend of a famous super star singer, Airy.

I have also been in quite a few commercials…to name a few..

-American Express

-Justin Bieber Dolls

-Renault Twingo

-Kids Peace

-Conair Glitter and Gem Set

-Hatfield Pork Roast


-The Perfect Cupcake (an informercial)


This was my “TV family” from The Perfect Cupcake!


To finish up this post, I have also done quite a few modeling jobs. More so when I was little, but here are just a few photos that I have from some of them. These aren’t even close to all the brands/companies I’ve shot for but here are a few!

2223_61237319187_6062_n.jpgBennett Clothing



1930095_28327704187_9134_n.jpgJessica Simpson Kids Shoes

581105_10150808900034188_320109766_n.jpgA Students textbook from Germany

10403052_10153368612429188_1561451636742798858_n.jpgReaders Digest


Face Makeover application


Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 1.58.59 AM.pngScreen Shot 2016-07-22 at 1.58.44 AM.pngScreen Shot 2016-07-22 at 1.56.14 AM.png

A few of many shots from David’s Bridal



Paul Hakimata Stock Photography

1936415_131207174187_5100111_n.jpg Crayola


Plus some oldest to newest headshots…


I was newly introduced to theatre when I was accepted my performing arts high school. My junior year, I played a lead in one of four of my school’s plays, The Real Inspector Hound by Tom Stoppard, directed by my Voice and Movement teacher, Ashley Tait Weller. It was one of the most amazing experiences that I had THIS year. It was a breathtaking moment for me and something new that I have never felt before, and I am forever grateful for the experience, and how much hard work and dedication that was put into that production. 12193279_10153691122274188_4143954904911900808_n.jpg

Overall, this is my love, this is what I love to do, and what I want to continue to do. I cannot wait for what the future holds for me, no matter how long it takes. Everything comes with hard work and time, and those are definitely two things that I have.


Every craft must be fully explored, and it always comes from somewhere. Every bit of experience counts!

Much love,



Me in LA, at an audition for Disney’s Ant Farm in 2012 with China Anne McClaine.

Benefits of Greenery


I am now a senior in high school. When I was a freshman, I bought my first succulent–let me remind you that I had never owned a plant before. The succulent died within 3 weeks…what a plant mom I am… I didn’t buy another plant till a little over a month ago. I bought two succulents from a local farmers market. Of course since I bought them from a farmers market, they were SUPER cheap (yay for cheap plants!). They were doing alright, I watered them around 1-2 times a week. I would wait until the soil was bone dry to water them. The only issue was even though I had both of them on my desk right next to my window, they received little to no direct sunlight :(. One day I made the right decision (as I THOUGHT) to put them out on a table on my balcony! I left for the day and it THUNDER STORMED, and I forgot about my poor little plants. I went to go get them and they were already so droopy and lacked so much life…they definitely had seen better days. I still keep them in my room and hoping that God will revive them 😉 I also keep them in my room because any type of plant makes my room look 10x more inviting and cozy. It also makes my room look like it just came out of a Urban Outfitters home catalog (you feel me??). Then I bought a “money tree” with my boyfriend, Caleb.


I made sure that I went to the little/no light plant section, haha. We found a small tree plant that said it was to bring good luck (and who doesn’t need a little bit of good luck?!) I have it in a blank space in my room, and let me tell you it made that little bland corner beautiful. I also love having flowers in my room, it makes me think I have a little bit of nature always with me…


Also a disclaimer, I am a SUCKER for flowers. It doesn’t matter what kind of flowers they are, they are all so beautiful. I do love me some peonies though…;)



It should be said that indoor plants can have many benefits….


  1. They reduce stress!

I feel like this is a given.  The fact that they can make a room look beautiful just gives you such a pleasing and satisfactory feeling. Also, plants carry a lot of peace with them. It’s sort of like your own little piece of zen. (which is the value of meditation). A lot of people can find peace within certain things! Plants are definitely one of them.


    2. They can improve air quality.

They increase humidity and balance out air temperatures. They also reduce dust levels and carbon dioxide levels.


     3.  Biomimicry

Biomimicry- the design and production of materials, structures, and systems that are modeled on biological entities and processes.

Some people search for answers to their emotional problems through nature, and thats what plants are for!



IMG_1953-1024x589-28d2d5.jpgPlants are not only nice and pleasing to look at, but they have wonderful benefits that can help others!

A cute little quote to end this post…

“I am fortunate enough to sit under the atrium, which I enjoy tremendously. Natural sunlight, green foliage and a fresh breeze (with an open atrium) in the summer time makes me feel like I’m working outside. Having worked in other offices without these features makes one appreciate how these design features can improve my outlook at work.” (A quote from The Biophilic Collection).



All about them vegan products

Are you a newly transformed vegan? I am…and the thing that I have struggled with most has nothing to do with missing certain foods. To be honest, I haven’t missed any foods at all. Due to the fact that today is my one month of being vegan, I thought I’d share my biggest tips on transforming to the cruelty free product side of the lifestyle…

Lets talk about hair.

I  have got to say…this was the toughest thing for me to find…that was reasonably cheap. Everything that I had found was either incredibly expensive, never to be found in local stores, etc–and who wants to lose the comfort of just running to a CVS or supermarket to get a bottle of shampoo and conditioner. Ive looked up some recipes on Pinterest, but although it will be less money than buying it…it can become a hassle. Indeed, I did find a very good recipe for a “Coconut Oil Shampoo”


Step 1: In a quart sized mason jar, combine all of the ingredients except your essential oils and stir gently to combine. If you have an empty shampoo bottle or two, you can mix it up in them instead. Doing it that way can make it easier to use in the shower.

Step 2: Add 15-20 drops of your favorite essential oil (or use one of the combinations below) and stir gently again to mix the oils well into the mixture. Seal with a lid and ring and use the next time you shampoo your hair! If you’re giving this as a gift, add a pretty ribbon and gift tag and you’re done!

Step 3: To use, apply a generous amount to your hair beginning at the ends and work your way up to the roots. Let it sit for 1-2 minutes then rinse away completely. For an added shine and extra conditioning boost, rinse with apple cider vinegar after shampooing. Apple cider vinegar is useful for a lot of different health and beauty uses and conditioning and adding shine to hair is one of them.

Tips for specific hair types:

Dry Hair:

  • 6 drops Lavender
  • 6 drops Rosemary
  • 6 drops Geranium

Oily Hair:

  • 5 drops Rosemary
  • 5 drops Peppermint
  • 5 drops Cypress
  • 5 drops Basil

Dry Scalp:

  • 5 drops Rosemary
  • 5 drops Clary Sage
  • 5 drops Tea Tree
  • 5 drops Lemon Lavender

To Add Shine:

  • 10 drops Rosemary
  • 10 drops Chamomile


Sounds easy enough right? (This recipe can be found at along with photos to guide you)


Now here are some cheap/affordable cruelty free shampoo and conditioners…

  1. Kirkland Signature Moisture Shampoo & Moisture Conditioner.

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 1.45.15 AM.png

This shampoo and conditioner runs around $18 when bought together, thats about the price of one bottle when I was searching for the other brands! This set is guaranteed gluten free, paragon free, sulfate free, and vegan–making it okay to use on color treated hair. Not to mention, each bottle is 33 ounces! You can find these at your local Costco!


2. David Babaii Wild Aid Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 1.48.07 AM.png

This product has gotten raving reviews, especially since they are used by my inspiration–Actress, Kate Hudson. I mean, who wouldn’t want to have beautiful hair like hers?! The only con about these products is people have been saying it is very drying. Coming from someone who has very oily hair…I would LOVE to try this out. Unfortunately, it is a tiny bit more pricey, but that is granted since it is considered more of a higher end brand. It runs around $10-$15 per bottle, and you only get 13 ounces. Although you don’t get your bang for a buck, it is definitely worth trying out! You can find these at J.C Penny, Amazon, or EBay!


Moving onto body wash!


LUSH makes a wide range of CRUELTY FREE body washes! (NOT TO MENTION, ALL of Lushes products are vegan 🙂 ) They make so many different lotions, scrubs, shampoos, conditioners, you name it!


  1. Aqua Marina


Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 1.56.42 AM.png

This all over body cleanser claims to help oily prone skin. It claims to even out skin tone! It seems to bring moisture to places that need it and balance out the rest. It runs for $12.95-$31.95 (depending on desired size),en_US,pd.html


2. Aveeno Positively Nourishing Calming Body Wash

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 2.03.32 AM.png

I found this on Target’s website that is specifically labeled vegan! How convenient 🙂 AND it is only $5.99!!! It includes lavender and chamomile, so imagine how stress relieving it is, and how relaxed and sleepy it makes you…;) People have said that it is moisturizing and feels healthy when once applied and doesn’t leave a film after you apply! Check it out here:




We all need to make sure we are taking care of our personal hygiene. To me, making sure under my arms don’t stink is very important! I also want to make sure that I am using something that doesn’t involve the mistreatment of animals, and gross and yucky ingredients.


  1. FOR MEN (or women!) Kiss My Face Deodorant Active Life

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 2.08.45 AM.png

You can find this brand almost everywhere which is wonderful because it makes it even more convenient to find. People have said that is the most natural cruelty free deodorant out there! It does its job for around $4.00. It also leaves no white marks while protecting you for 24 hours, yay!


2. Primal Pit Paste Stick – Lavander

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 2.11.55 AM.png


Lets stop here and look at that packaging. That right there is a giveaway that you know this is already a five star product (which it is). It is known to be an organic natural deodorant that WORKS, FINALLY! This product has no chemicals, GMOS, corn, or fragrances! It only has all the good stuff! Unfortunately, it runs a little more expensive ( $10) but no fear! there is many more other deodorants that work just as good. You can find this specific deodorant on this website and select stores–


If you’re not looking to spend that much on a deodorant, you can browse the many other brands that are cruelty-free here!


See? With a little bit of browsing around and researching, transitioning into the beauty side of the vegan lifestyle doesn’t have to be that hard…or that COSTLY! Keep lookin, keep searchin, and stay patient. Everything comes with time and you will only learn through that.


All the best,