Veganism for Beginners: Weight Loss?

When I hear people want to go vegan…there are multiple reasons they might want to do so. Reasons such as wanting to lose weight, wanting to help the earth or wanting to save the animals.

When I decided to go vegan I decided to switch for all of those reasons. I should start off by saying if you’re looking to lose weight veganism is not going to guarantee that. It’ll make you healthier for sure, but it all depends on what you put into your body still. It’ll definitely make you less prone to certain diseases, cancers, etc out there. But it’s a lifestyle rather than a diet. They say you can eat unlimited and not have to worry about calories. In no way am I a nutritionist or a doctor but I believe that that is only according to the amount of fruits and veggies you eat–which basically is unlimited. If you are looking to lose weight, avoid white carbs– pasta, chips, potatoes, etc. limit to maybe once a day. Fill your plate up with more greens, veggies and fruits. The more whole foods the better. So right now I have a plant based protein shake which contains:

Orgain chocolate protein powder

A whole banana


Chia seeds


PB2 powder

(Which I have for breakfast and dinner) — sometimes I will have a bowl of roasted veggies for dinner instead.

For lunch, I will either have a big salad or a big bowl of fruit depending on what I am craving (Tip: fruit fills all of your sweet cravings!!)

If I get hungry throughout the day– for a snack I’ll snack on fruit! But I don’t really get hungry on this diet due to the protein shakes and amount of fiber I have. I’ve been doing this for two weeks with no exercise except walking and I’ve lost 12 pounds 🙂

If you ARENT looking to lose weight, I used to have a protein shake for breakfast ( it is SO important to get 46g-50g of protein a day) and make sure to take supplements ( B-12, iron, vitamin d, zinc, biotin—make sure it contains no gelatin) or sometimes I would have natures organic flax seed cereal which you can find in health food section at Wegmans with sweetened almond milk which is so yummy or seeded bread with jelly and banana slices and granola on top or a fruit bowl! Lunch would be a veggie wrap or hummus and chips with fruit and dinner would be a vegan recipe (Pinterest is super helpful) I found on Pinterest or a frozen dinner from Wegmans or trader joes from their health food/vegan isle.

Keeping you posted!

Zoe ❤ xx


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