Benefits of Greenery


I am now a senior in high school. When I was a freshman, I bought my first succulent–let me remind you that I had never owned a plant before. The succulent died within 3 weeks…what a plant mom I am… I didn’t buy another plant till a little over a month ago. I bought two succulents from a local farmers market. Of course since I bought them from a farmers market, they were SUPER cheap (yay for cheap plants!). They were doing alright, I watered them around 1-2 times a week. I would wait until the soil was bone dry to water them. The only issue was even though I had both of them on my desk right next to my window, they received little to no direct sunlight :(. One day I made the right decision (as I THOUGHT) to put them out on a table on my balcony! I left for the day and it THUNDER STORMED, and I forgot about my poor little plants. I went to go get them and they were already so droopy and lacked so much life…they definitely had seen better days. I still keep them in my room and hoping that God will revive them 😉 I also keep them in my room because any type of plant makes my room look 10x more inviting and cozy. It also makes my room look like it just came out of a Urban Outfitters home catalog (you feel me??). Then I bought a “money tree” with my boyfriend, Caleb.


I made sure that I went to the little/no light plant section, haha. We found a small tree plant that said it was to bring good luck (and who doesn’t need a little bit of good luck?!) I have it in a blank space in my room, and let me tell you it made that little bland corner beautiful. I also love having flowers in my room, it makes me think I have a little bit of nature always with me…


Also a disclaimer, I am a SUCKER for flowers. It doesn’t matter what kind of flowers they are, they are all so beautiful. I do love me some peonies though…;)



It should be said that indoor plants can have many benefits….


  1. They reduce stress!

I feel like this is a given.  The fact that they can make a room look beautiful just gives you such a pleasing and satisfactory feeling. Also, plants carry a lot of peace with them. It’s sort of like your own little piece of zen. (which is the value of meditation). A lot of people can find peace within certain things! Plants are definitely one of them.


    2. They can improve air quality.

They increase humidity and balance out air temperatures. They also reduce dust levels and carbon dioxide levels.


     3.  Biomimicry

Biomimicry- the design and production of materials, structures, and systems that are modeled on biological entities and processes.

Some people search for answers to their emotional problems through nature, and thats what plants are for!



IMG_1953-1024x589-28d2d5.jpgPlants are not only nice and pleasing to look at, but they have wonderful benefits that can help others!

A cute little quote to end this post…

“I am fortunate enough to sit under the atrium, which I enjoy tremendously. Natural sunlight, green foliage and a fresh breeze (with an open atrium) in the summer time makes me feel like I’m working outside. Having worked in other offices without these features makes one appreciate how these design features can improve my outlook at work.” (A quote from The Biophilic Collection).




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