Veganism / Plant Based 

The first words when typing a post are “tell your story here”. My story with veganism is quite short as I have just started this journey not too long ago. I have to say it is the most wonderful decision I have ever made in my life, even though it hasn’t been long. My only regret with going is vegan is not doing it sooner. I used to question people I knew who were vegan, “isn’t it hard”? Now I’m the one who gets to answer that question, and truth is, it isn’t hard at all.  You may ask why I have gone vegan in the first place, which is very bright and clear to any vegan. The animals. The harsh and crucial cruelty that is done to these poor animals. Look at these photos…and tell me if you don’t feel sorry for them or tell me if you don’t get upset. 

I feel like after people see these photos, they won’t understand the part about going “dairy-free” and just being a vegetarian. People fail to realize that the dairy industry is just as bad as the meat industry. In order for cows to produce milk, cows must give birth. Often times, cows are abused and raped in order to produce that milk. Cows are also impregnated multiple times so they have an abundance of milk at all times. If you thought that was bad, those baby calves that they give birth to are STOLEN from their mothers at birth. Seeing those mamas watch their babies being taken from them is a heartbreaking thing to watch. Dairy cows can live up to twenty five years of age, but are killed after just four years…

Something else that bothers me is how so many people can go on and on about how vegans annoy them because they talk about it too much. Truth is, how would we spread the message across the world without being pushy, loud and obnoxious? Many people will complain that vegans push the idea and shove it in their faces. Honestly, watch the television, tell me how many times you will see an advertisement for a hamburger or a juicy steak in a span of ten minutes. And people say that VEGANS push the idea in their face, ha. Also why would you complain about vegans when they are literally doing the world and the animals a favor? If you’re out there to fight against vegans, it’s basically saying that you support animal cruelty.Once you show that person the way that animals are abused and tortured, they will say “don’t show me that! that’s horrible” but if something is so horrible that we shouldn’t look at it, why should we continue to tolerate it?


Before you say “you don’t even save any animals by going vegan” take a look…

Between 2008 and 2009, the number of animals killed decreased by 300 million. Between 2006 and 2009, the number was decreased by 600 million. Each vegan saves around 200 animals per year, that is around 600 animals every three years. Imagine if more people were vegan, how many animals we’d be saving. If less people were eating animals, products would sell less animal products because they wouldn’t be making as much money. So before you say that vegans don’t actually save animals…do your research ;)Animal Testing is another hot topic in relation to going vegan. Before jumping into this I should probably mention to those who aren’t educated in this topic–the difference between a vegan and a plant-based eater. A vegan is someone who does not eat meat or dairy (animal products or animal byproducts) nor does a vegan buy any cosmetics, clothing, household products, etc that were tested on animals. A plant-based eater is someone who does not eat meat or dairy (animal products or animal byproducts) but will continue to buy things that are indeed tested on animals. Most people who are plant based won’t do it for the animals, but perhaps more health reasons, because if they still buy products that are tested on animals, are they really against animal cruelty? That’s just my opinion. Animal testing seems like a very normal thing to those who don’t look deeper into it because we are very blinded to these sort of things. If animal testing protest posters were posted everywhere, people might listen. Animals who are being tested on are treated like science experiments. Scientists will do whatever to these animals to get the job done, and if that animal dies, they get a new one. They are deprived, isolated and are stripped of everything. The law in the United States allows animal to be shocked, poisoned, burned, starved, addicted to drugs, and brain damaged just to make sure that your household products and your makeup is good to use…how awful and petrifying is that. Animals that are being tested on don’t even get pain killers during these experiments so they feel every bit of pain that is inflicted onto them. Primates, cats, dogs, rabbits, pigs, and fish are just a few examples of animals that are used for testing. If you wish to stop animal cruelty and animal testing, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has a pledge that you can sign to be cruelty free. You can sign the pledge by going to this website– We all can make a change in this world. We just have to do it one step at a time and constantly support each other throughout. Next time you are staring at your plate of meat, please think of where that came from.


Much love,



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